Interview for fashion scoat, Kiev fashion days

Interview for fashion scoat, Kiev fashion days

Part of the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, Natasha Zinko graduated from Central Saint Martins. From Ukraine but based in London, the designer showcases a collection of bird inspired pieces and soft colours at the Kiev Fashion Days exhibition which will be open until 6pm today. She speaks with us about her collection and her first time showcasing at Fashion Scout.

What was your starting point with this collection?

The collection is about birds that are now extinct, about the Pterosaurs that were like reptilian birds, I think they were cool. So I’m trying to create the layering of their skin, but still keeping it very feminine. These birds didn’t eat meat; they were more like nice and quaint. There’s a combination of layering and mixing fabrics, that’s why it’s so pale it’s all very bright. I wanted something surreal, like this bird that maybe never existed.

How did you find a balance and combination with all the materials you used?

It’s a combination of different things. With the lace, it’s about layering so I was experimenting with different ways I can do this; so recreating wings and images with embroidery.


The colours are really fresh, how did you choose the palette for this collection?


It’s a winter collection but I didn’t want to make it too dark. Usually I use a lot of black, but this time I wanted to make it very soft and romantic like those birds that do not exist anymore. Like one of them! I am the bird! I want the woman to feel like she is something different, out of this world.

The collection is made up of different pieces, do you mostly design dresses?

Yes, mostly dresses. This time, I did jeans which I actually made three years ago but because I liked the lace material that looked good when we shot the look book, they were great because they made the model look like a bird.